What Kind of Injuries Cause Knee Pain?

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Are you someone that has been dealing with knee pain that affects you daily? Conditions like these can affect people at any time and age. Thankfully, you can benefit from the expertise of an orthopedic knee surgeon, no matter what your situation is.
Today, we’ll discuss some common injuries that can cause knee pain. We’ll also talk about when you should see a doctor to address this.

Meniscus Tears

When people talk about torn knee cartilages, they’re likely talking about a meniscal tear. The menisci are two pieces of cartilage that cover the end of your bones. They can either tear suddenly during sports events or slowly due to aging.
When the meniscus tears due to aging, medical experts refer to it as a degenerative tear. As for sudden tears, you may experience or hear a pop in the knee. Once the injury occurs, you may witness higher levels of pain over the next few days.

Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Injuries

The ACL ligament runs diagonally down the front of the knee and provides stability to your joints. Injuries that occur in the ACL can be serious and even require surgery. ACL injuries can range from a Grade 1 mild sprain to a Grade 3 total tear.
ACL tears can occur as a result of these movements that occur in sports or non-sport events.

  • Awkward jumps and landing
  • Colliding with others
  • Quick direction shifts
  • Sudden starts and stops

Any ACL or other ligament injury can result in serious knee pain that may indicate the need for surgery.

Post Traumatic Arthritis (PTA) In The Knee

PTA is a form of arthritis that occurs as a result of serious knee injuries. Injuries such as broken bones or ligament tears can wear down your joint surface. That, in return, can also lead to arthritis as time goes by.
These injuries can lead to damage to your knee cartilages as you age and lead to pain, stiffness, and swelling. If you experience these symptoms, contact your orthopedic knee surgeon to discuss the right pain relief options for you.

Tendon Issues

Tendon injuries, such as tendonitis or tendon tears, commonly occur in athletes or mid-age people that participate in physical activities. Tendons are soft tissues that connect the knee cap to the shinbones. The most common tendon that receives injury is the patellar tendon. This tendon works with the front of the thigh so that a person can run and jump.
Tendonitis is also known as jumper’s knee since this condition is common amongst athletes who jump often. Other types of physically active people can develop this as well.
As for more serious tendon injuries, direct impact from hits or falls can cause a tendon tear. This can lead to severe knee pain, which can require treatment or even surgery.

When Should I See An Orthopedic Knee Surgeon?

It may be time to see an ortho doctor if you’re dealing with these conditions resulting from knee area injuries.

  • Bone injury
  • Chronic pain
  • Muscle injury

Not only do they provide you with unique solutions to treat your condition, but they’ll also give you preventative advice.

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