The upper arm is everything in between the shoulder and elbow. It is made up of the humerus bone, bicep and tricep muscles, and other nerves and veins.

The arm specialists and physical therapists at New Mexico Orthopaedics can help you address your symptoms and create a treatment plan to minimize pain and long-term damage to the muscles and bone.

The biceps muscle has two tendons that attach it to the bones of the shoulder and one tendon that attaches to the radius bone at the elbow. Injuries to the muscle include tendonitis and tendon tears.

The triceps muscle, which allows the arm to straighten, runs from the shoulder to the elbow. It is attached to the adjacent bones by a large tendon.

The humerus is the long bone of your upper arm. It extends from your shoulder to your elbow, where it joins with your forearm’s ulna and radius bones.

Pain within this area can extend to either your shoulder or elbow depending on if and where there is a tear in a tendon/muscle or break in the bone. Common upper arm injuries include:

  • Broken Humerus
  • Bicep Tendon Tear
  • Tricep Muscle Tear
  • Muscle Strain or Pull
  • Tendonitis

Diagnosis & Treatment

The diagnosis in the upper arm can be identified typically by physical examination, X-ray (Humerus break), or MRI (Tendon/Muscle injury). Continuing use of the arm can increase inflammation and worsen symptoms. When diagnosed, treatments can range to include:

  • Medication
  • Cast or brace
  • Physical Therapy
  • Surgery
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