Tyler Jefferson, PA-C

Physician Assistant Tyler Jefferson supports Dr. Joshua Carothers, specializing in total knee and hip replacements at NMOA’s Center for Joint Replacement Surgery. Tyler and Dr. Carothers have traveled to Honduras for Operation Walk, a volunteer effort providing life-changing surgeries to individuals who otherwise would not receive joint replacements. Tyler believes that the most rewarding aspect of his career is to see a patient smile and hear a “thank you” after a successful recovery.

Tyler’s philosophy in providing care and treatment is grounded in listening to patients and striving to understand each patient’s unique situation and challenges. His approach is to discuss treatment options with the patient to choose what course is the best, then follow through with the patient to get the desired resolution to the problem. He calls his approach “patient-centric.”

Tyler enjoys spending time with his wife and two sons and enjoying outdoor activities, including hiking, traveling, and watersports in his spare time. He is proud to be an Albuquerque native.