Micah Benson supports Dr. Krishna Tripuraneni. Together, they specialize in treating degenerative joint disease of both knees and hips as well as treat trauma patients.

Micah believes that the most rewarding aspect of his work as a healthcare provider is “as simple as it sounds, I get to fix people.” He believes that whether the solution to a patient’s problem is through surgery, medication, therapy, or education, he has the training and ability to help.

Micah’s approach to patients is to give them the opportunity to talk. “So much about what is wrong is given in the first couple of minutes,” and he works with patients to translate medicine into layman’s terms.
Micah also spends time talking to patients about fitness, which he understands firsthand. “It’s the fountain of youth, and I love telling them about it.”

In his free time, Micah enjoys riding motorcycles and home-brewing beer.