Dr. Michael Archibeck Featured in Albquerque 13th Annual Top Doc Issue

The 13th Annual Top Docs Issue

For this, our 13th year, we asked Albuquerque-area doctors one simple question: “If you had to refer a loved one to a doctor other than yourself, to whom would you refer them?” This month, we share the results of our annual Top Docs survey and unveil this year’s winners.

For this years Orthopedic category we’re featuring New Mexico Orthopaedics’ Dr. Michael Archibeck.

Kelly Rivera, Registered Nurse First Assistant

Michael Archibeck, MDName one part of the office environment that says the most about Dr. Archibeck.
The practice runs like a well-oiled machine. We each know our expectations and work well together to help our patients.

What is the No. 1 health tip for those as busy as you are?
Eat a hearty breakfast!

How do Dr. Archibeck and your team try to create a great patient experience?
There is an ongoing effort to fix what isn’t working to ensure clinic appointments run on time and patients have optimal outcomes. Dr. Archibeck makes us feel like we are all on the same team working towards the same goal.

In your opinion, what makes Dr. Archibeck a Top Doc?
A good doctor is someone that has a good reputation within the medical community and among his patients. A Top Doc has the respect of the people that work closest with him. It is an honor to be a part of Dr. Archibeck’s team.

Angela Roybal, Medical Assistant

How do Dr. Archibeck and your team try to create a great patient experience?
I feel that our team works well together and we all have the patient’s best interests in mind and work toward making things easy and comfortable for the patients.

How do you ensure your organization delivers the best care, for every patient, every time?
I do my part to make sure our patients feel confident and comfortable with their care by being available for them when they have questions, by getting back to them in a timely manner, and by making sure they get their questions answered.

In your opinion, what makes Dr. Archibeck a Top Doc? Dr. Archibeck is a kind and compassionate person and a great surgeon.

Dean Showalter, Certified Physician Assistant

How long have you worked with Dr. Archibeck?
16 years.

What is your favorite part of coming to work every day?
Seeing the difference in patients before and after surgery.

In your opinion, what makes Dr. Archibeck a Top Doc?
Dr. Archibeck is an incredible surgeon. He makes everyone around him strive for excellence.

New Mexico Orthopaedics would like to congratulate Dr. Michael Archibeck!


Doctors Michael Archibeck and Charles Pribyl were ranked second and third, respectively, in this year’s Top Doctors annual survey, put on by Albuquerque the Magazine. Dr. Pribyl has previously won the distinction of top orthopaedic doctor in Albuquerque more than once over the last few years. We are proud of both physicians and are glad to see their reputation carries on outside the building, among their peers and the community. Here is a link to the magazine’s web page:



Archibeck Michael-350pxDr. Michael Archibeck was recently named Top Orthopedic Doctor in Albuquerque 2015 in the March issue of Albuquerque the Magazine. Dr. Archibeck received this recognition from his peers, who voted for the top physicians in all specialties of medicine. You can read more about Dr. Archibeck in this month’s edition of Albuquerque the Magazine/Top Docs. Congratulations Dr. Archibeck!