After you have seen Dr. Tabet and you have decided upon surgery as the appropriate option for your problem, you will be referred to Terry Horvath to select a surgery date. Terry makes all of the arrangements for administrative issues that need to be taken care of and you will be given a date to return prior to your surgery. This appointment is for preoperative evaluation (pre-op) and is usually with Peter Crotta, who is Dr. Tabet’s Physician Assistant. Although you are given a date for the surgery, a specific time is not given until the pre-op visit.

At the pre-op visit, Peter will tell you about the procedure, answer any remaining questions, and will review any medical concerns that there may be regarding your surgery. At this visit, you will be given crutches, braces or other materials that you may need after the surgery. Terry will give you information about where to go and what time to be there. There will be instructions about eating, drinking, and taking of medications on the day of your surgery. You will also be scheduled for a follow up visit after your surgery.

Following the pre-op appointment, you will go the day surgery unit or the hospital for pre-admission screening, which may include laboratory studies.