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Foot, Leg & Ankle Swelling

Article featured on Mount Sinai

Painless swelling…
July 11, 2024/by nmortho

Most Common Summer Injuries in Adults

As the warmer months are here and sunnier weather makes everyone eager to get outside, learn about potential injuries to look out for.
July 9, 2024/by nmortho

Possible Causes & Treatment of Patella Alta

A full understanding of patella alta requires a look at its potential causes, symptoms, diagnosis methods, and treatment options.
July 5, 2024/by nmortho

The Importance of Stretching

Article featured on Harvard Health Publishing

It's not…
June 27, 2024/by nmortho

Aches & Pains From Training or Do You Have a Running Injury?

soreness during or after your run.
Incorrect footwear —…
June 25, 2024/by nmortho

Why Back Pain is Difficult to Treat

Back pain can mean different things for different people. It's important to see a doctor when the pain is interrupting daily life.
June 20, 2024/by nmortho

What Should I Do When My Foot or Ankle Pain Won’t Go Away?

Foot and ankle pain is a common source of frustration. This article will help with some guidance on what to do when in pain.
June 18, 2024/by nmortho

Common Rotator Cuff Injuries and How They’re Treated

'Rotator cuff injury’ can mean many different things and includes any type of irritation or damage to your rotator cuff muscles or tendons.
June 13, 2024/by nmortho

Arthroplasty/Joint Replacement Surgery for the Lower Arm

Without the use of your hand, wrist or elbow joints, life can be difficult. Arthroplasty is one solution.
June 11, 2024/by nmortho

Osgood-Schlatter Disease in Children

Article featured on Nationwide Children's
What Is Osgood-Schlatter…
June 6, 2024/by nmortho

Tips for Mastering Acute Pain

Whether your acute pain comes from an injury, surgery, or other medical condition, it demands prompt and effective treatment.
June 4, 2024/by nmortho

When Back Pain Is a Spine Compression Fracture

Article featured on Spine-HealthThe type of fracture in the spine…
May 29, 2024/by nmortho

Desk Job Dilemma: Preventing and Managing Back Pain at Work

Article featured on Orthapaedic AssociatesIf you have a desk…
May 23, 2024/by nmortho

How Does Yoga Work?

This article explores the history, philosophy, health and wellness benefits, and various branches of yoga.
May 21, 2024/by nmortho

How Long Does it Take to Recover from Neck Surgery?

The time it takes to recover from neck surgery depends on several factors that are dependent on your surgery. Learn about varying factors.
May 16, 2024/by nmortho

The Best Sports for a Great Workout

Participating in your favorite sports several days a week can have benefits. Here are some sports that will help improve your fitness.
May 14, 2024/by nmortho

Broken vs. Sprained Wrists: How to Tell the Difference

Article featured on HealthPartners

Wrist injuries are incredibly…
May 12, 2024/by nmortho

Importance of Posture in Maintaining Optimal Orthopedic Health

Healthy posture is an often overlooked but incredibly important factor in maintaining overall orthopedic health and well-being.
May 7, 2024/by nmortho

What is a Knee Replacement Revision?

Hundreds of thousands have total knee replacement surgery each year to treat severe knee arthritis - what is a revision to the surgery?
May 2, 2024/by nmortho

What is a Frozen Shoulder?

Frozen shoulder, or adhesive capsulitis, is a common condition usually affecting people over 40, and women more often than men.
April 25, 2024/by nmortho

4 Signs You May Have Nociplastic Pain

Article featured on WebMD

Chronic back pain, migraines, and…
April 23, 2024/by nmortho

Arthrodesis of the Ankle

Arthrodesis/surgical fusion is the surgery that joins the bones in your ankle to form a single unit and eliminate movement.
April 18, 2024/by nmortho

Scoliosis in Children

Scoliosis is a deformity of the backbone (spine). It’s when the spine has a side-to-side curve. The curve of the spine measures 10 degrees or more.
April 16, 2024/by nmortho

Is It Possible to Prevent Arthritis?

You may be able to lower your risk for three of the most common types of arthritis: osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and gout.
April 11, 2024/by nmortho

Cycling Vs. Walking: Which is the Better Workout for You?

Article featured on Healthline

Aerobic exercise is an important…
April 9, 2024/by nmortho

Most Common Spring Injuries

Warmer weather means people are eager to spend more time outside and do activities that they may have put on hold during the winter months.
April 4, 2024/by nmortho

Sports & Pain

Athletes drive often compels them to push through injuries when rest may be the wiser choice. But some strategies and treatments may help.
April 2, 2024/by nmortho

Understanding Your Pain

Were these patients imagining their symptoms? Or did the medical profession not understand the complexity of pain? Spoiler: It's the latter.
March 28, 2024/by nmortho

Torn MCL Average Recovery Time

Article featured on Summit Orthopedics

MCL stands for medial…
March 26, 2024/by nmortho

Can Surgery Help Your Knee Arthritis?

Knee arthritis is a common condition that typically leads to pain, stiffness, and swelling in the knee joint.
March 21, 2024/by nmortho

What is Spondylosis?

But what is spondylosis exactly? What are the signs and symptoms of spondylosis? Is it treatable? We answer all these questions and more.
March 19, 2024/by nmortho

How Exercising Safely Contributes to Orthopedic Health and Injury Prevention

Engaging in regular physical activity is essential for building strong bones, muscles, and joints, contributing to overall orthopedic health.
March 14, 2024/by nmortho

Is It Carpal Tunnel or is it Arthritis?

If you are having pain in one or both hands, you may be wondering if carpal tunnel syndrome or arthritis are causing you pain.
March 12, 2024/by nmortho

Back Pain After Pregnancy

Article featured on Spine-Health

Persistent or newly developed…
March 7, 2024/by nmortho

How to Train for a Marathon

It’s one of those big, audacious goals that people dream of achieving: running a marathon. But how do you learn how to train for a marathon?
March 5, 2024/by nmortho

5 Signs You Should See a Joint Replacement Specialist

Article featured on Northwest Extremity Specialists

February 28, 2024/by nmortho

What to Know About Forearm Muscles

Article featured on WebMD
Forearm Muscles…
February 20, 2024/by nmortho

What is an Ankle Replacement?

Arthroplasty — or ankle joint replacement surgery — is a procedure doctors offer to patients who suffer from arthritis in the ankle.
February 15, 2024/by nmortho

Are Rest Days Important for Exercise?

Whether you’re training for a competition or feeling extra motivated, more isn’t always better. Understand rest dats.
February 13, 2024/by nmortho

Guide to Hip Pain Relief & Treatment Options

Hip pain and discomfort might be caused by a minor strain or could be due to a chronic condition. It's important to find relief.
February 8, 2024/by nmortho

Good and Bad Exercises for Low Back Pain

Exercises for lower back pain can strengthen back, stomach, and leg muscles. They help support your spine, relieving back pain.
February 6, 2024/by nmortho

How Can I Prevent Common Exercise Injuries?

Sports and exercise have indisputable benefits but they also come with the risk of injury. Here's ways to prevent them.
February 3, 2024/by nmortho

Top 10 Winter Injuries

Whether you’re a winter sports enthusiast and hit the slopes or you enjoy some sledding, winter injuries are an ever-present danger.
January 30, 2024/by nmortho

What Are the Red Flags for Knee Pain

Knee pain can result from overexertion, injury, or medical conditions like arthritis. Learn more about what to look for in knee pain.
January 24, 2024/by nmortho

Types of Surgery for Chronic Neck Pain

Chronic neck pain can be debilitating, interfering with your ability to work and enjoy life to the fullest.
January 18, 2024/by nmortho

Joints That Are Most Commonly Affected by Arthritis

When you’re living with arthritis, a simple task, such as tying your shoe or buttoning your shirt can become a challenging one.
January 16, 2024/by nmortho

Foot or Ankle Fractures & Dislocations

A foot or ankle fracture or dislocation can be caused by a variety of factors. Some of these include those from an accident or overuse.
January 11, 2024/by nmortho

Synovitis: Causes & Treatments of Joint Inflammation

Article featured on Verywellhealth

January 9, 2024/by nmortho

Minimally Invasive Foot Surgery: What is it?

Minimally invasive surgery (MIS) treats foot and ankle conditions and deformities using very small incisions.
January 4, 2024/by nmortho

What to Know About Muscle Soreness

Any physical activity that places too much or unusual strain on the muscles can lead to soreness. Everyone can experience muscle soreness, even people who exercise regularly and have good physical fitness.
January 2, 2024/by nmortho

What Are the Benefits of Walking?

Walking can offer numerous health benefits to people of all ages and fitness levels. It may also help prevent certain diseases and even prolong your life.
December 21, 2023/by nmortho

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Foot Pain

Persistent foot pain or pain accompanied by certain other symptoms should be assessed by a specialist, learn what to look for.
December 19, 2023/by nmortho

Ways to Take Care of Your Knees

There are several steps you can take to improve the overall strength and flexibility of your knees. Learn 5 easy ways!
December 14, 2023/by nmortho

Prehabilitation: An Essential Ingredient for Successful Orthopedic Surgery Outcomes

Article featured on Movement Orthopedics

December 12, 2023/by nmortho

Phreesia Mobile Check-In

New Mexico Orthopaedics is partnering with Phreesia to help you…
December 11, 2023/by Zack Gorman

Why Go See a Podiatrist?

When your feet and ankles are tired, in pain, or not working as they should, everything else grinds to a halt.
December 7, 2023/by nmortho

Common Overuse Injuries in Fall Sports

Fall sports are in full swing and with that comes overuse injuries and burnout. Here are a few common overuse injuries during the season.
December 5, 2023/by nmortho

Tips on How to Prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

CTS has no leading cause, as it results from anything that can squeeze or cut off circulation in this nerve.
November 30, 2023/by nmortho

Back Pain Treatment in Teens & Kids

Treatment of back pain in children & teens will be dictated by the underlying diagnosis of the cause of the pain. Learn more about treatments.
November 28, 2023/by nmortho

3 Hamstring Stretches to Relieve Lumbar Herniated Disc Pain

If you suffer from a lumbar herniated disc, you may be experiencing radiating leg pain. Learn how to help relieve it.
November 22, 2023/by nmortho

Everyday Exercises to Manage RA Pain

If you have RA), you may know that exercise is good for you. But finding time, energy, and motivation to actually get moving may be difficult.
November 16, 2023/by nmortho

Acute Mechanical Back Pain

Acute mechanical back pain is a common medical problem. Acute pain is pain that has been present in your back for less than 4 to 6 weeks.
November 14, 2023/by nmortho

Preventing Football Injuries

There are many different types of injuries that football players face. However, there are ways to prevent football injuries like these.
November 9, 2023/by nmortho

Does running cause arthritis?

Does running really ruin your joints, as many people believe? Find out the relationship between running and arthritis.
November 7, 2023/by nmortho

Guide to Fall Fitness and Health

Fall is in full swing, but there's something about the cool air that can bring new life in your routine, like exercise.
November 2, 2023/by nmortho

What is Plantar Fasciitis

If your first few steps out of bed in the morning cause severe pain in the heel of your foot, you may have plantar fasciitis, an overuse injury that affects the sole of the foot.
October 26, 2023/by nmortho

Signs Your Leg Pain May Require Spine Surgery

Spine surgery may be necessary to alleviate the pain in your legs. Here are some signs that you should see a specialist about your leg pain.
October 24, 2023/by nmortho

What is Golfers Elbow?

Medial epicondylitis, also known as golfer’s elbow, is a painful condition in which the tendons connecting the forearm to the elbow have become damaged due to injury or overuse.
October 19, 2023/by nmortho

Injuries in Autumn to Watch Out For

Autumn brings about an increase in physical activity for many of us, sometimes we don’t even realize it!
October 17, 2023/by nmortho

How to Prevent Football Injuries

Falls, on-field collisions, muscle & tendon injuries are all common football injuries and there are ways to prevent them.
October 12, 2023/by nmortho

What to Know About a Broken Pinky Toe

A broken pinky toe can cause significant pain, swelling, and difficulty walking. Rest and toe support can aid recovery and protect against complications.
October 10, 2023/by nmortho

4 Things to Know About Meniscus Repair

Injuries to the meniscus are common, especially among athletes and individuals involved in physical activities. Here are 4 things to know.
October 5, 2023/by nmortho

What Are the Benefits of Foam Rolling?

Foam rolling is a self-myofascial release (SMR) technique. It can help relieve muscle tightness, soreness, and inflammation, and increase your joint range of motion.
October 3, 2023/by nmortho

Hip Flexor Strain

Article featured on Cleveland Clinic

September 28, 2023/by nmortho

People Who Exercise in Groups Get More Health Benefits

Any kind of exercise is good for you, but working out in groups may give you a little extra boost. What do you like to do?
September 26, 2023/by nmortho

Give praise to the elbow: A bending, twisting marvel

The elbow is an under appreciated joint that brings many daily tasks within your reach. What if we didn't have elbows?
September 21, 2023/by nmortho

Exercise and Back Pain

Back exercises are almost always necessary to rehabilitate the spine and alleviate back pain. A controlled, gradual exercise program that is tailored to an individual is usually the most effective.
September 19, 2023/by nmortho

How to Avoid Shin Splints When Running

Shin Splints are painful and one of the most common injuries associated with running. Find out tips on how to avoid shin splints.
September 14, 2023/by nmortho

8 Ways to Move More During the Workday

Getting enough movement into your week if you have a sedentary job can be very challenging. Find out ways to help improve.
September 12, 2023/by nmortho

Causes of Ankle Popping and Clicking

You might hear a crackle or pop in your ankle when sitting down, standing up or walking. Most popping is not detrimental to your health.
September 7, 2023/by nmortho

Radiating Pain in Your Leg? Best to See Your Doctor

Have you noticed a sharp pain that's been radiating down your leg? If so, you may be experiencing a herniated disc or damaged nerve.
September 5, 2023/by nmortho

What is Little League Elbow?

Little league elbow is a painful inflammation of the bony bump on the inside of the elbow. Find out causes and treatments.
August 30, 2023/by nmortho

Treating Hand Arthritis Without Surgery

Once arthritis is present, it will always be there but arthritis only needs treatment if it bothers you or causes issues in the body.
August 24, 2023/by nmortho

Tips to Maintain Athletic Performance

In order to ensure you are performing at your peak performance it's important to take care of your body. The following tips will help you get the most out of your fitness and keep you healthy for the days to come.
August 22, 2023/by nmortho

What Causes Neck Pain in Seniors?

Most people will have neck pain at some point. More serious symptoms can come with aging. These changes often cause neck pain in seniors.
August 17, 2023/by nmortho

Top 5 Most Common Causes of Summertime Injuries

Article featured on Complete Care
Summer is a time for sunshine,…
August 15, 2023/by nmortho

The Benefits of Seeing an Orthopedic Doctor

Often, people seek a doctor when the pain becomes unbearable. However, it is important to be seen before it gets to that point.
August 10, 2023/by nmortho

Benefits of Stretching Before & After Your Workout

Regular exercise is an excellent way to improve and maintain good health. However, if you don’t stretch before and after your workout, you’re not getting the most out of your workout routine.
August 8, 2023/by nmortho

Preventing Lower Back Pain During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an exciting time. However, it also comes with a great deal of uncomfortable physical changes including lower back pain.
August 2, 2023/by nmortho

How to Ease Back Into Exercise After Surgery

Patients who've had surgery should ease back into movement and exercise. It's important to understand when to get started.
July 27, 2023/by nmortho

Simple Ankle Fractures Explained

Fractures in the ankle can range from the less serious avulsion injuries to severe shattering-type breaks of the tibia, fibula or both.
July 20, 2023/by nmortho

Downside of Dog Walking: Fractures and Head Injuries

Walking your dog gets you moving and out in the fresh air, but head injuries & fractures are real possibilities, especially for older owners.
July 13, 2023/by nmortho

How to Determine if Your Lower Back Pain is Serious

Lower back pain affects millions of people worldwide. Learn common treatments and when to seek medical attention.
July 11, 2023/by nmortho

What is a Calcaneal Fracture?

The calcaneus is the large bone at the heel of the foot. It is usually fractured after a fall from a great height or in a motor vehicle accident.
July 5, 2023/by nmortho

Achilles Tendon Rupture

The Achilles tendon is a thick band of tissue that attaches your calf muscle to your heel bone.
July 3, 2023/by nmortho

What is Knock Knees?

Article featured on Nationwide Childrens'Genu valgum (knock-knees)…
June 28, 2023/by nmortho

Understanding Common Orthopedic Injuries Resulting from Car Accidents

Article featured on Coastal OrthopedicsWe realize that car accidents…
June 22, 2023/by nmortho

Common Pickle Ball Wrist Injuries

Do you experience a dull and aching pain or soreness in your wrist during or after playing racket or paddle sports? Learn why!
June 20, 2023/by nmortho

Preventing Injuries While Golfing

Golf is a popular sport and offers a range of health benefits.…
June 15, 2023/by nmortho

Gardening, Yard Work and Back Strain

Digging, weeding, planting, carrying, spading, watering - there's a lot of potential for back pain in the average flower or vegetable garden.
June 13, 2023/by nmortho

Staying Safe While Exercising in the Heat

Everyone who exercises should have a plan to prevent heat-related illness and be aware of the signs. Learn more about prevention here.
June 8, 2023/by nmortho

Arthritis Symptoms and Joint Replacement

Both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are conditions that can affect your joints and cause joint pain, stiffness, and swelling.
June 6, 2023/by nmortho

What’s to Know About Extensor Tendonitis?

Article featured on MedicalNewsToday

The most common cause…
June 1, 2023/by nmortho

How to Crack Your Back

No matter what you are doing through the day, chances are high that your back is experiencing the brunt of any pain and discomfort you have.
May 31, 2023/by nmortho

5 Ways to Boost Your Pain Management

Pain can come from sports, work, exercise and lifestyle. Learn 5 easy ways to help improve your pain and begin to feel better.
May 24, 2023/by nmortho

Congratulations, Dr. Racca, 2023 Albuquerque Top Doc, Orthopedics

We congratulate Dr. Racca for being chosen as the Top Doc for…
May 23, 2023/by James Jones

What SI Joint Pain is and How to Treat It

The sacroiliac joint, more commonly known as the SI joint, is where the pelvis meets the bottom of the spine.
May 18, 2023/by nmortho

Baseball Season is Here: Watch Out For UCL Tears

Spring brings with it the joy of baseball, but too much of a good thing can lead to elbow injuries in young pitchers.
May 16, 2023/by nmortho

10 Signs You Need to See an Orthopedic Doctor

Injuries can come from work or exercise. Consider these warning signs to determine when to schedule an appointment with an orthopedic doctor.
May 11, 2023/by nmortho

Common Bicycling Injuries and Safety Training

Bicycling Injuries

Kids usually get their first taste of freedom…
May 9, 2023/by nmortho

Back Pain in Kids and Teens

Article featured on Spine-Health

May 4, 2023/by nmortho

Acute vs. Chronic Sports Injuries

You may have heard the terms acute sports injury and chronic sports injury. But what is the difference between them?
May 2, 2023/by nmortho

Achilles Tendinitis: What is it?

Article featured on Mount Sinai

April 27, 2023/by nmortho

What to Know About Muscle Strains

A muscle strain occurs when a muscle becomes overstretched or works too hard. People can often treat muscle strains at home.
April 25, 2023/by nmortho

Dance: Common Injuries & Prevention Tips

Dance may look effortless, but it requires a lot of strength, flexibility and stamina. It also comes with a high risk of injuries.
April 20, 2023/by nmortho

6 Joints Commonly Affected by Arthritis

Arthritis is a long-term condition that causes joint inflammation. When you’re living with arthritis simple tasks can become challenging.
April 18, 2023/by nmortho

What is Chronic Ankle Instability?

Chronic ankle instability is a condition characterized by a recurring giving way of the outer (lateral) side of the ankle. This condition often develops after repeated ankle sprains.
April 13, 2023/by nmortho

Common Causes of Arch Pain

Article featured on News-Medical 

April 11, 2023/by nmortho

What Exactly Is Arthritis?

“Arthritis” is used to describe joint pain and inflammation. There are many different types of arthritis and can occur almost anywhere.
April 6, 2023/by nmortho

Symptoms and Treatments for Ankle Arthritis

Ankle arthritis occurs when there is a breakdown of cartilage in the joint. It can result from trauma, autoimmune diseases or infection.
April 4, 2023/by nmortho

The Common Joint Reconstruction Surgeries

Article featured on Movement Orthopedics

March 29, 2023/by nmortho

Turf Toe: What is It?

Article featured on Mercy Health
What is turf toe?
March 21, 2023/by nmortho

How to Treat Common Injuries in Baseball

Article featured on NY Orthopedics

While it doesn’t…
March 21, 2023/by nmortho

5 Top Causes of Shoulder Dislocations

A dislocated shoulder is the #1 most common joint dislocation injury. Find out common reasons how you can dislocate your shoulder.
March 16, 2023/by nmortho

When to Seek Treatment for Common ACL Tears

If you experience pain around your knee area, it is advisable to contact an orthopedic knee surgeon as soon as possible.
March 14, 2023/by nmortho

Is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome the Same as Trigger Finger?

What’s the difference between trigger finger and carpal tunnel syndrome? Read more to find out the differences and when to see a Doctor.
March 9, 2023/by nmortho

Could Your Foot Pain Be Caused by a Problem in Your Spine?

This blog provides a list of common causes of foot pain and helpful pointers to help you understand the origin of your foot pain.
March 7, 2023/by nmortho

The Benefits of Stretching and Why It Feels Good

Stretching reduces your risk of getting injured, can induce a feeling of calmness, and is even thought to improve your circulation.
March 2, 2023/by nmortho

What Are Hip Dislocations?

Hip dislocations are very painful. Find out causes, treatments, and when to seek treatment to relieve your pain.
February 28, 2023/by nmortho

Ways to Improve Back Pain

If your back pain is lasting longer than 3 months, it’s considered chronic back pain. Chronic back pain doesn’t have to be a life sentence.
February 23, 2023/by nmortho

Sports-Related Meniscus Tears and Surgical Treatment

Article featured on NY Orthopedics

A torn meniscus…
February 21, 2023/by nmortho

What is a Total Shoulder Replacement?

Total shoulder replacement is a surgical procedure that treats severe shoulder osteoarthritis that does not respond to nonsurgical options.
February 16, 2023/by nmortho

Types of Knee Pain and What They Could Mean

If you’ve ever experienced pain in one or both of your knees, you’re not alone. Learn about 8 potential causes and how to identify them.
February 14, 2023/by nmortho

What Causes Sciatica?

Sciatica is caused by pressure on the sciatic nerve or its roots. Learn 10 common causes for pain in your spine.
February 9, 2023/by nmortho

Knee Osteoarthritis: Know the Warning Signs

Article featured on MedicalNewsToday
Osteoarthritis of the…
February 7, 2023/by nmortho

What is Hammer Toe or Mallet Toe?

Article featured on Mercy Health
What is hammer toe or mallet…
February 2, 2023/by nmortho

How to Prevent and Manage Arthritis in the Hands

Article featured on MedicalNewsToday

There is no known cure…
January 26, 2023/by nmortho

6 Signs of Spinal Stenosis

Does your back, arm, or leg pain seem to come and go, depending on what you're doing at the moment? This sign may indicate spinal stenosis.
January 24, 2023/by nmortho

7 Essential Everyday Exercises to Manage Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain

Article featured on Healthline

If you…
January 19, 2023/by nmortho

3 Common Causes of Heel Pain & How it is Treated

Heel pain is one of the most common complaints of patients with foot and ankle disorders — but what causes heel pain, exactly?
January 12, 2023/by nmortho

What Causes Painful Knee Caps

Pain in the knee caps is caused by several factors, ranging from old age and overuse to injury and infection. Find out common causes.
January 10, 2023/by nmortho

What are Hand, Wrist or Elbow Dislocations?

Hand, wrist, and elbow dislocations can happen when the bones/joints separate. Learn more about causes, symptoms, and treatments.
January 5, 2023/by nmortho

Stiff Joints: Why It Happens and How to Find Relief

With age, stiff joints become a pain for many people. Years of use can take a toll on joints, muscles, and bones, learn how to find relief.
January 3, 2023/by nmortho

The Best Exercises for Overall Health and Fitness

The powerful combination of cardiovascular exercise and strength training can help a person build muscle strength and improve their health.
December 29, 2022/by nmortho

Hand, Wrist, And Arm Pain While Exercising

Pain in your hands, wrists, and arms might be worrying when working out. Find out the difference between good and when to get it checked out.
December 27, 2022/by nmortho

Preventing Repetitive Strain Injuries for Artists

Art therapy can be an effective and creative way to manage chronic pain but make sure you don’t add to your burden with repetitive injuries.
December 22, 2022/by nmortho

How to Improve Your Posture at Work

A majority of people spend long periods of time sitting down while at work can hurt your health, learn more about how to improve it.
December 20, 2022/by nmortho

Why Sitting Too Much Is Bad For Your Health

Article featured on WebMD

1. It Hurts…
December 15, 2022/by nmortho

Common Types of Arthritis Explained

There are many different types of arthritis that can affect the joints and other areas of the body and cause similar symptoms, such as pain, swelling, and stiffness.
December 13, 2022/by nmortho

Hip-Spine Syndrome: It’s Complicated (and Often Overlooked)

A patient with hip arthritis may experience hip or groin pain as well as trouble walking, while a patient with lumbar spinal stenosis may have pain down their leg, or neurologic symptoms such as numbness, tingling, or weakness.
December 8, 2022/by nmortho

Running Tips for Cold and Snowy Weather

During the frigid winter months many runners settle for not running at all. If you’re prepared, winter runs can be a beautiful experience.
December 6, 2022/by nmortho

One of the Best Cardio Workouts is Walking and Here’s Why

Brisk walking is a great cardio workout that can be done indoors or outdoors and is great for your overall health.
November 30, 2022/by nmortho

Causes, Symptoms & Treatments of Wrist Fractures

A wrist fracture is a medical term for a broken wrist and some fractures are more severe than others. Read more on treatments for fractures.
November 28, 2022/by nmortho

Use Cold and Heat To Ease Arthritic Joints

When arthritic joints become stiff or painful heat and cold can help. Learn which is most effective for you and how to use these techniques.
November 24, 2022/by nmortho

Ways to Protect Your Spine as You Age

Article featured on Brigham Health Hub
The human spine consists…
November 22, 2022/by nmortho

7 Tips to Become Active and Manage Chronic Pain

Chronic pain can be hard to live with. Starting an exercise program can be a whole other kind of pain and here's how to get started.
November 17, 2022/by nmortho

Lower Back Strain and Pulled Back Muscle

Lower back pain can disrupt daily life. Find out causes and treatments to get you back to moving your best.
November 15, 2022/by nmortho

Ways to Deal with Severe Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain can be relieved with medicine, exercise, PT, ice, and heat. If the pain won’t go away, it may be time to consider shoulder surgery.
November 10, 2022/by nmortho

How to Prevent Back Pain When You’re Traveling

Back pain is common when traveling due to long periods of sitting in a car or plane. Here are some tips to help prevent unwanted pain.
November 8, 2022/by nmortho

9 Surprising Facts About Runner’s Knee

How much do you know about runner’s knee? Here are some facts about the condition that might surprise you.
October 27, 2022/by nmortho

Muscles: Why Are They Important?

Muscles and nerve fibers allow a person to move their body and enable the internal organs to function. Learn more on how to take care of them.
October 25, 2022/by nmortho

Possible Ways To Fall Into Back Pain

Article featured on Atlanta Spine Institute

A chill in the…
October 22, 2022/by nmortho

New Mexico Orthopaedics is excited to announce the addition of our newest physician, Dr. Antony Kallur.

New Mexico Orthopaedics is excited to announce the addition of…
October 18, 2022/by nmortho

When to Use Heat Versus Ice for Pain

Depending on the type of pain you have, one may be better than the other. Learn about the uses of ice versus heat.
October 18, 2022/by nmortho

Techniques and Technology Improving Outcomes for Complex Scoliosis Surgeries

In Scoliosis Surgery, Lengthy and Complex (Albuquerque Journal),…
October 18, 2022/by nmortho

6 Ways to Ruin Your Knees

Knowing how to protect your knees from damage can mean the difference between a fulfilling lifestyle and longterm, strained mobility.
October 13, 2022/by nmortho

Keep Moving: 10,000 Steps a Day May Halve Dementia Risk

As the global population ages, cases of dementia are also…
October 11, 2022/by nmortho

How Retraining Your Brain Could Help With Lower Back Pain

New research suggests the solution for the world’s leading cause of disability may lie in fixing how the brain and the body communicate.
October 7, 2022/by nmortho

Rheumatoid Arthritis: Can Knowing Your Risk Prompt Better Health Habits?

Article featured on Brigham Health Hub
If someone in your family…
October 5, 2022/by nmortho

How Often to Work Out for Health, Strength, and Weight Loss

How often a person needs to work out to see results will depend on their fitness goals. Losing weight, building muscle, and increasing endurance and stamina each require a different approach to training.
September 29, 2022/by nmortho

Best Exercises for Flare-Ups of Lower Back Pain

Low back pain is pain that occurs below the ribs, in the lumbar region of the spine. Learn the best exercises to achieve relief for the pain.
September 27, 2022/by nmortho

Walking Towards Healthier Knees

Article featured on ScienceDaily
A new study published today…
September 22, 2022/by nmortho

What to Do After an Overuse Injury

Getting active is good, but if you overdo it, you might find yourself having aches and pains. Find out how to help prevent and heal overuse.
September 20, 2022/by nmortho

Therapeutic Massage for Pain Relief

A therapeutic massage involves the application of the hands or elbows with the intention of solving a physical problem, such as back pain. Alternatively, non-therapeutic or relaxation massage is more passive and is typically used to promote comfort.
September 15, 2022/by nmortho

Why Does RA Often Occur in the Joints of the Hands?

In people with RA, the immune system attacks healthy tissues in the lining of the joints. Find out what joints it affects and how to manage.
September 13, 2022/by nmortho

Causes and Symptoms of Rotator Cuff Injuries

Rotator cuff injuries are most wear-and-tear injuries from doing the same arm movements over and over. Learn more about common symptoms.
September 8, 2022/by nmortho

7 Most Common Injuries and Accidents During Back to School

The good news is that most mishaps result in minor injuries that can be treated with a dab of antibacterial ointment, a little rest, and lots of hugs and kisses.
September 6, 2022/by nmortho

What Are the Most Common Softball Injuries?

Softball is a challenging sport that can lead to a variety of injuries. Learn about how to identify and treat related injuries.
August 31, 2022/by nmortho

2 Simple Exercises to Keep Your Feet Healthy

Proper foot care is important to your health. Some may think it is just about the shoes you wear - but there can be much more to it.
August 24, 2022/by nmortho

How to Tell if You Fractured Your Forearm

A broken forearm can affect your ability to rotate your arm and even bend or straighten the wrist and elbow.
August 18, 2022/by nmortho

The Top 9 Benefits of Regular Exercise

Being active has been shown to have many health benefits, both physically and mentally. It may even help you live longer.
August 16, 2022/by nmortho

7 Best Hip Flexor Stretches

The hip flexors are a group of muscles that help you move your lower body. You have hip flexors on either side of your body.
August 11, 2022/by nmortho

Upper Back Pain Between Shoulder Blades: Is it Serious?

Poor posture, injury, or problems with the spine can all lead to upper back pain. Pain can be from a strain - or something more serious.
August 9, 2022/by nmortho

Causes and Treatment of a Bicep Tear or Strain

A bicep tear is a strain or tear in the bicep muscle that can occur in the shoulder or elbow. Learn the causes and treatment.
August 4, 2022/by nmortho

Total Recovery Time for Total Knee Replacement Surgery

Recovery from a total knee replacement surgery takes about three months and depends on how well you follow your surgeon’s instructions.
August 2, 2022/by nmortho

5 Benefits Of Aquatic Therapy For Spine Pain

The pool is a great place to take your workouts or physical therapy exercises. Here’s a look at five reasons why your back benefits from aquatic therapy.
July 28, 2022/by nmortho

Best Foot Exercises for Healthy Feet

Many people experience foot or ankle pain at some point. Keeping the feet strong can help alleviate this soreness and improve overall health and flexibility.
July 21, 2022/by nmortho

How to Treat a Broken Finger Tip

The finger tip is one of the most commonly injured areas of the upper extremity because we use our finger tips in so many daily activities.
July 19, 2022/by nmortho

6 Benefits of Trail Running

If you're tired of running the same routes on city streets or on the treadmill, then trail running may be a great way to break the boredom, reduce your risk of injury, and challenge yourself in a new way.
July 14, 2022/by nmortho

Overview of Osteoarthritis of the Hip

Osteoarthritis of the hip causes the hip joint to get stiff and inflamed and can progress until resting no longer relieves your pain
July 12, 2022/by nmortho

5 Common Summer Injuries for Kids and How to Prevent Them

Along with all of the outdoor fun comes more opportunity for activity-related injury, here are common injuries and how you can prevent them.
July 7, 2022/by nmortho

Getting Back Into Sports After a Knee Surgery

While the time it can take to return to sports after knee surgery varies, it is important to follow doctor’s orders.
July 5, 2022/by nmortho

Common Cycling Injuries

Cycling is common to cause various kinds of injuries. Here are the most common injuries and how they can be prevented.
June 28, 2022/by nmortho

7 Lower Back Stretches to Reduce Pain and Build Strength

Lower back pain is a fairly common health concern, as so many things can cause it. In some cases, it might be a symptom of an underlying condition or lifestyle or repetitive motions.
June 23, 2022/by nmortho

Quick Fixes for Aching Elbows

Elbow pain can keep you from daily tasks. Taking care of this joint helps ensure that you can care for yourself.
June 21, 2022/by nmortho

Common Spring Injuries: Causes & Prevention

Article featured on Atlanta Spine Institute
Common Spring Injuries:…
June 16, 2022/by nmortho

When Is the Right Time for Joint Replacement?

Article featured on Summit Orthopedics

Hip or knee arthritis…
June 14, 2022/by nmortho

9 Best Exercises for Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain

For people with rheumatoid arthritis (RA), exercise can be hugely beneficial for relieving pain and joint stiffness.
June 9, 2022/by nmortho

How to Prepare for Ankle Replacement Surgery

After you've scheduled your ankle replacement surgery, you need to take some steps to make sure the operation goes smoothly. First, set up some time with your doctors to make a plan and get yourself ready:
June 7, 2022/by nmortho

Symptoms & Solutions: Rotator Cuff Tears

Rotator cuff tears are intensely painful injuries to the rotator cuff area, which is a group of muscles in the shoulder that allows you to make a wide range of movements. While a minor rotator cuff tear can be treated in various ways, a severely torn rotator cuff often requires surgery for a full recovery.
June 2, 2022/by nmortho

Ankle Sprain Rehab Exercises to Get You Back on Your Feet

Article featured on verywellfit
One of the most common sports…
May 28, 2022/by nmortho

5 Causes of Thumb Pain

The thumb is involved in about 50% of all hand functions. When the thumb is painful or injured, it becomes very difficult to use the hand. Here are 5 common causes.
May 24, 2022/by nmortho

10 Tips for Getting Around on Crutches

Article featured on Healthgrades
1. Verify Your Fit
May 17, 2022/by nmortho

How to Stay Strong and Coordinated As You Age

So many physical abilities decline with normal aging, including strength, swiftness, and stamina. In addition to these muscle-related declines, there are also changes that occur in coordinating the movements of the body.
May 12, 2022/by nmortho

What You Need to Know About Torn Bicep Tendon Injuries

Your bicep is the muscle in the front of your upper arm. It helps you bend your elbow and twist your forearm.
May 10, 2022/by nmortho

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Joint Pain

If you have sudden or ongoing pain in your knee, hip or shoulder, you may wonder when it’s time to seek medical care for your joint problem.
May 5, 2022/by nmortho

Bone Fractures: 10 Things Doctors Want You to Know

About 6 million people break bones in the United States every year. Here’s what three orthopedists want you to know about bone fractures.
May 3, 2022/by nmortho

Ways to Improve Your Stamina

If you had to choose one—and only one—component of fitness to improve, what would you choose? You’re probably thinking you’d try to improve your strength, endurance, or speed, all of which are worthwhile goals to chase.
April 7, 2022/by nmortho

Chronic Inflammation and Your Joints

When you suffer a joint injury a little inflammation is part of the healing process. Puffy, red, tender joints may indicate that your immune system is working to remove damage and promote the growth of new tissue, a healthy kind of inflammation. But sometimes the immune system launches unhealthy, chronic inflammation in the joints, for no apparent reason.
April 5, 2022/by nmortho

Understanding Bone Fractures: The Basics

A fracture is the medical term for a broken bone. Fractures are common; the average person has two during a lifetime. They occur when the physical force exerted on the bone is stronger than the bone itself.
March 30, 2022/by nmortho

Is My Hand Pain from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or Something Else?

Here are 3 of the main causes of hand pain and numbness—and tips for how you can tell them apart.
March 23, 2022/by nmortho

What Are Growing Pains & Are They Real?

Here are some common questions about growing pains, how to help your child through them, and when it may be time to see your pediatrician.
March 17, 2022/by nmortho

What is Degenerative Arthritis?

Degenerative arthritis, also known as osteoarthritis, is a form of arthritis that develops due to aging or overuse.
March 15, 2022/by nmortho

Elbow Pain? Here’s What Might Be Causing It

Are you experiencing elbow pain? Here are 3 reasons why and when to contact your doctor.
March 10, 2022/by nmortho

How to Protect Your Spine When You Have Osteoporosis

In some cases of osteoporosis, one or more vertebral bones can become so weak that they cannot fully support their load and develop tiny cracks. This type of fracture, called a vertebral compression fracture, can be painful and sometimes leads to worsening symptoms, such as tingling, numbness, weakness, or spinal deformity (kyphosis).
March 8, 2022/by nmortho

Rheumatoid Arthritis within Foot and Ankle

Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic disease that attacks multiple joints throughout the body. More than 90% of people with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) develop symptoms in the foot and ankle over the course of the disease.
March 3, 2022/by nmortho

Spring Sports Injury to Be Aware Of

​Spring is approaching and children are preparing for spring sports mania! From running, baseball, golf, softball and more, there are plenty of spring activities for your child to enjoy.
March 1, 2022/by

Congratulations, Dr. Franco, 2022 Albuquerque Top Doc, Orthopedics

We'd like to congratulate Dr. Franco for being selected…
February 28, 2022/by nmortho

Winter Injuries That Can Be Avoided With These Helpful Tips

If you’ve experienced an injury or pain while performing a wintertime activity, you are not alone.
February 24, 2022/by nmortho

Can Chronic Pain Be Prevented?

Article featured on WebMDOur approach to pain management largely…
February 22, 2022/by nmortho

Helpful Tips for the First Week After a Total Knee Replacement Surgery

The toughest period can be the first week after surgery so we thought it helpful to provide the following tips to help you make it through.
February 17, 2022/by nmortho

Orthopedic Soft Tissue Repair Market Projected to have a Stable Growth for the Next Few Years

A soft tissue injury is the damage of ligaments, muscles and tendons of hip, knee, shoulder and elbow joint.
February 15, 2022/by nmortho

What is Lactic Acid Build Up and How to Get Rid of It

Lactic acid is created when the body turns glucose into energy and it is important to understand why it happens and how to prevent it.
February 10, 2022/by nmortho

Types of Joint Pain and Tips for Describing to Your Orthopedic Surgeon

Explaining your pain to your doctor might be difficult to describe, so we're here to help you do just that.
February 8, 2022/by nmortho

3 Tips to Keeping Your Spine Healthy

Some people are experiencing pain and other discomforts for the first time due to changes in their work locations and equipment as they moved from the office to home.
February 3, 2022/by nmortho

14 Common Causes of Elbow Pain

Your elbow lets you throw, lift, swing, and hug, for starters. You can do all this because it’s not a simple joint.
February 1, 2022/by nmortho

Osteoarthritis and Runner’s Knee Can Both “Bring You to Your Knees”

Pain in the knee area is a common issue among athletes. However, anyone can experience knee pain.
January 27, 2022/by nmortho

Degenerative Disc Disease and Sciatica Facts

Article featured on MedicineNet
Sciatica can result from lumbar disc…
January 25, 2022/by nmortho

The Benefits of Starting Your Day with a Walk

Article featured on Healthline

When you wake up in the morning,…
January 20, 2022/by nmortho

What is Cubital and Radial Tunnel Syndrome?

Article featured on WebMD
Cubital tunnel syndrome and radial…
January 18, 2022/by nmortho

8 Common Foot Injuries

Here are eight problems that can strike your feet, along with solutions.
January 13, 2022/by nmortho

How to Relieve Pain From Sitting All Day

Article featured on Orthopedic Institute of Pennsylvania
Do you…
January 11, 2022/by nmortho
How Chronic Pain Affects Your Immune System

How Chronic Pain Affects Your Immune System

Article featured on WebMD
With so many questions right now about…
January 6, 2022/by nmortho

Unexpected Benefits of Movement and Exercise That We Love

Article featured on Thrive Global
Whether you opt for a sunrise…
January 4, 2022/by nmortho

Spine Surgery: When Nothing Else Will Do

Article featured on Brigham Health Hub
For many years, Diane…
December 30, 2021/by nmortho

After ACL Surgery

Article featured on UCSF Health
See our recommendations for…
December 22, 2021/by nmortho

How to Prevent Common Sports Injuries

Article featured on Arkansas Surgical Hospital
Most sports injuries…
December 16, 2021/by nmortho

Options for Treating Arthritis in the Knee

Article featured on The Noyes Knee Institute
Knee osteoarthritis…
December 14, 2021/by nmortho

What is Secondary Osteoporosis?

Article featured on MedicalNewsToday

Osteoporosis is a bone…
December 9, 2021/by nmortho

COVID-19 Pandemic Highlights Need to Assess Your Risks to Prevent Falls

Article featured on CORA Physical Therapy
Know Your Risks Beforehand…
December 3, 2021/by nmortho

6 Tips for Parents With Kids Who Have Osgood-Schlatter’s Disease

Article featured on Orthogate
Anterior knee pain is a common…
December 1, 2021/by nmortho

What Kind of Injuries Cause Knee Pain?

Article featured on Noyes Knee Institute 
Are you someone that…
November 26, 2021/by nmortho

3 Telltale Signs You Have a Slipped or Bulging Disc

Article features on Spine-Health
When a disc in your lower spine…
November 23, 2021/by nmortho

10 Ways to Move More in Everyday Life

Article featured on Healthline
It can feel overwhelming when…
November 19, 2021/by nmortho

How Tendons Become Stiffer and Stronger

Article featured on Science Daily
Tendons are what connect muscles…
November 17, 2021/by nmortho

Jog on: Exercise Won’t Raise Your Odds for Arthritic Knees

Article featured on MedicineNet
Dr. Kim Huffman, an avid runner,…
November 15, 2021/by nmortho

6 Common Causes of Neck Pain

Article featured on Practical Pain Management
The human neck…
November 11, 2021/by nmortho

11 Chronic Pain Control Techniques

Article featured on Spine-Health
While preparing for any chronic…
November 9, 2021/by nmortho

Everything You Need to Know About Osteoarthritis

Article featured on Medical News Today

Osteoarthritis (OA)…
November 3, 2021/by nmortho

Swollen Knee Causes and Treatments

Article featured on the Mayo Clinic
A swollen knee occurs…
October 28, 2021/by nmortho

Why Are Arthritis Symptoms Worse at Night?

Article featured on Medical News Today

Many people notice…
October 26, 2021/by nmortho

Common Heel Pain

This article is featured on Humpal Physical Therapy & Sports…
October 21, 2021/by nmortho

Managing Neck and Lower Back Pain

Article featured on Cone Health
According to Dahari Brooks, MD,…
October 19, 2021/by nmortho

What a Dislocated Elbow Means

Article featured on the Cleveland Clinic.
The elbow is composed…
October 14, 2021/by nmortho

Is It Time for a Pain Management Reboot?

Article featured on WebMD

Now that we are entering a new phase…
October 12, 2021/by nmortho

Are You Ready for a Marathon?

Article featured on Summit Orthopedics
If you are a runner, running…
October 7, 2021/by nmortho

Potential Causes of Elbow and Arm Pain

Article features on News Medical Life Sciences
There are various…
October 5, 2021/by nmortho

Cervical Disc Surgery: Disc Replacement or Fusion?

Article featured on WebMD, medically reviewed by Sabrina Felson,…
September 28, 2021/by nmortho

Why Does My Knee Pop?

Article featured on Cone Health Medical Group
Have you ever bent…
September 23, 2021/by nmortho

Back Sprains and Strains

Article featured on Cleveland Clinic
A back strain is an injury…
September 21, 2021/by nmortho

Shin Splints Prevention

Article featured on Humpal Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine…
September 16, 2021/by nmortho

RA Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore

Article featured on WebMD, Medically reviewed by Brunilda Nazario,…
September 14, 2021/by nmortho

Spinal Stenosis: Symptoms and Solutions

Article featured on Arkansas Surgical Hospital
What is Spinal…
September 9, 2021/by nmortho

How You Should Sleep with Lower Back Pain

Article feature on MedicalNewsToday, Medically reviewed by Deborah…
September 7, 2021/by nmortho

Hand and Wrist Pain: What to Do?

Article featured on verywellfit, Medically reviewed by Vanessa…
September 2, 2021/by nmortho

Spine Structure and Function

Article featured on the Cleveland Clinic

Key parts of your…
August 26, 2021/by nmortho

Overview of Patellar Tendinitis

Article featured on Mayo Clinic
Patellar tendinitis…
August 24, 2021/by nmortho

4 Signs You May Have Nerve Damage

Article featured on the American Society for Surgery of the Hand
August 19, 2021/by nmortho

Nighttime Back Pain: Causes and Treatments

Article featured on WebMDNighttime back pain is a special type…
August 17, 2021/by nmortho

What a torn meniscus means

Article featured on Mayoclinic.
A torn meniscus is one…
August 12, 2021/by nmortho

How Can I Improve My Balance?

Article featured on Summit Ortho written by Kyle Hall, DPT
August 10, 2021/by nmortho

What is Knee Hyperextension?

Article featured on News Medical Life Sciences
Knee hyperextension…
August 5, 2021/by nmortho

Potential causes of stiff joints and what to do about them

Featured on MedicalNewsToday

Many people experience stiff joints…
August 3, 2021/by nmortho

Recovering from an ankle sprain

Article featured on Harvard Health Publishing
All it takes is…
July 27, 2021/by nmortho

4 Reasons You May Have Back Pain on Only One Side

Article featured on Penn Medicine
The pain may come on suddenly,…
July 22, 2021/by nmortho

7 causes of shin pain

Article featured on MedicalNewsToday, medically reviewed by Angela…
July 20, 2021/by nmortho

Why good posture matters

Article featured on Harvard Health Publishing
"Stand up straight."…
July 15, 2021/by nmortho

Do I Need Surgery for a Rotator Cuff Problem?

Article featured on WebMD, Reviewed by Tyler Wheeler, MD on…
July 13, 2021/by nmortho

Have Joint Pain? Follow These Tips for A Safe Summer

Article featured on Arkansas Surgical Hospital
Summer is on the…
July 8, 2021/by nmortho

7 Health Benefits of Swimming

Article featured on verywellfit, Medically reviewed by Vanessa…
July 6, 2021/by nmortho

Symptoms and causes of weak hip flexors and how to treat them

Article featured on MedicalNewsToday, medically reviewed by Gregory…
July 1, 2021/by nmortho

3 Common Golf Injuries: How to Avoid the “Rough”

Article from Brigham Health Hub, written by Elizabeth G. Matzkin,…
June 24, 2021/by nmortho

What are the best foot exercises for healthy feet?

Article from MedicalNewsToday, medically reviewed by Daniel…
June 22, 2021/by nmortho


June 22, 2021/by nmortho

Preventing Future Patellofemoral Pain

Article from UCSF Health
To decrease the risk of patellofemoral…
June 17, 2021/by nmortho

Better Sitting Posture for Better Health

Article from Brigham Health Hub, Written by Arthur Madore, LMT
June 15, 2021/by nmortho

Is Swimming Bad for Your Shoulders?

Article from CORA
Even though exercising in water takes strain…
June 10, 2021/by nmortho

10 Common Running Injuries: Prevention and Treatment

Article from WebMD, Reviewed by Sabrina Felson, MD
June 8, 2021/by nmortho

That Tension Headache May Be a Pain in the Neck

Article from Brigham Health Hub, Written by Thomas P. Mecke,…
June 4, 2021/by nmortho

How to Live with Arthritis

Article from Orthogate
Arthritis pain is not something pleasant…
June 2, 2021/by nmortho

Do I Need Surgery for a Meniscus Tear?

Article on WebMD, medically reviewed by Tyler Wheeler, MD on…
May 31, 2021/by nmortho

Frozen shoulder: What you need to know

Article on MedicalNewsToday, medically reviewed by William Morrison,…
May 28, 2021/by nmortho

Hip Pain: Causes and Treatment

Article on WebMD, reviewed by Tyler Wheeler, MD on March 15,…
May 26, 2021/by nmortho

Partial and Total Knee Replacement: How are they different?

From Noyes Knee Institute
Strong, healthy knees are important…
May 24, 2021/by nmortho

Care of Casts and Splints

Article from OrthoInfo medically reviewed in March 2020

May 22, 2021/by nmortho

Why are my RA symptoms getting worse?

From WebMD, medically reviewed on October 8, 2020Getting control…
May 21, 2021/by nmortho

Why is my sciatica not going away?

Article featured on MedicalNewsToday and medically reviewed by…
May 19, 2021/by nmortho

Treating Ankle Injuries

Article featured on UCSF Health

Ankle sprains are the most…
May 18, 2021/by nmortho

Shoulder Replacement Surgery: What to Know

Medically Reviewed by Tyler Wheeler, MD on December 08, 2019…
May 12, 2021/by nmortho

Congratulations Dr. Knaus: 2021 Albuquerque Top Doc, Physical Medicine

April 13, 2021/by nmortho

Congratulations Dr. Racca: 2021 Albuquerque Top Doc, Orthopedics

April 13, 2021/by nmortho
Everything You Need to Know about Fibromyalgia

Everything You Need to Know about Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a common and chronic syndrome that causes bodily pain and mental distress.

Symptoms of fibromyalgia can be confused with those of arthritis, or joint inflammation. However, unlike arthritis, it has not been found to cause joint or muscle inflammation and damage. It is seen as a rheumatic condition,
November 30, 2020/by nmortho
Cycling During COVID-19: How To Ride Safely

Cycling During COVID-19: How To Ride Safely

While the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread across the world, it has also caused the cycling world to make changes to their daily lives. Not only has the pandemic led to canceled bike races across the country, but it has also led many riders to ask what cycling during coronavirus looks like.
November 22, 2020/by nmortho
Why are my legs and feet numb?

Why are my legs and feet numb?

A person may feel numbness in their legs and feet due to sitting in a position that puts too much pressure on the nerves or reduces blood flow. However, long-lasting or unexplained numbness may be a sign of an underlying medical condition.
November 22, 2020/by nmortho
How COVID Has Impacted Bone Health and What You Can Do About It Right Now

How COVID Has Impacted Bone Health and What You Can Do About It Right Now

Osteoporosis is often described as “a silent disease.” During COVID, this has never been more true. Bone health took a back seat. Health assessments, bone density testing and sometimes treatment itself were upended by the pandemic. This disruption in care may have serious, long-term consequences for patients.
November 22, 2020/by nmortho
Exercises and Stretches For Hip Pain

Exercises and Stretches for Hip Pain

Here are some exercises designed to stretch, strengthen and stabilise the structures that support your hip.

It’s important to keep active – you should try to do the exercises that are suitable for you every day. Repeat each exercise between 5–10 times and try to do the whole set of exercises 2-3 times a day.

Start by exercising gradually and build up over time. Remember to carry on even when your hip is better to prevent your symptoms returning.
November 21, 2020/by nmortho
What to know about lower back pain when sitting

What to Know About Lower Back Pain When Sitting

The cause of pain in the lower back while sitting may involve posture, an injury, or a health condition.

Back pain is one of the most common medical problems in the United States. About 1 in 4 adults in the country have at least 1 day of back pain in any 3-month period.

Here, we describe the causes, treatments, and prevention of lower back pain while sitting.
November 21, 2020/by nmortho
Common Causes of Sciatica

Common Causes of Sciatica

Sciatica is a type of nerve pain that radiates down the back into the hip and leg. It often goes away in a few weeks, but for some people, the condition is chronic.

The pain can feel like an intense cramp or burning electrical sensations.

Sciatica that lasts more than 3 months or that goes away and comes back may be chronic sciatica.
November 21, 2020/by nmortho
What to Know About Front Shoulder Pain

What to Know About Front Shoulder Pain

Damage to the shoulder may result from repetitive movements, manual labor, sports, or aging. A person may also injure this part of the body due to a bad fall or accident. Many people visit the doctor with front, or anterior, shoulder pain.
November 11, 2020/by nmortho

Did You Know That Inactivity is Actually HARD On Your Knees?

Between working from home and being glued to the television watching the latest election updates, many of us are guilty of increased "couch potato" behavior lately.  And we've all heard of the dangers of sedentary lifestyles contributing to obesity, etc.,  but did you know that *not* moving can actually weaken your knees and increase your chances of osteoporosis?
November 9, 2020/by nmortho

Dr. Krishna Tripuraneni Featured in Albuquerque’s Top Docs

October 6, 2020/by nmortho

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: 3 Steps to Early Detection

This year, over 250,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. The good news is that when breast cancer is detected early, it can be treated more successfully, increasing the chances for survival.

It is important to know the signs and symptoms of what could potentially be breast cancer. To help with this, National Breast Cancer Foundation has identified three steps you can take to be proactive about your breast health and help increase your chances of detecting breast cancer early.
October 2, 2020/by nmortho

7 Things to Know About Your New Knee

Congrats on your new knee! You’re one of 600,000 Americans who get the joint replaced every year. You may be thrilled to walk again without pain or no longer face staircases with dread.

But don’t expect superhuman powers just yet. Here are seven things to know about your newest body part.
September 5, 2020/by nmortho

Total Hip Replacement Exercise Guide

Regular exercise to restore strength and mobility to your hip and a gradual return to everyday activities are important for your full recovery after hip replacement. Your orthopaedic surgeon and physical therapist may recommend that you exercise for 20 to 30 minutes, 2 or 3 times a day during your early recovery.
September 5, 2020/by nmortho

What is Spinal Fusion?

Spinal fusion is surgery to join two or more vertebrae into one single structure. The goal is to stop movement between the two bones and prevent back pain. Once they’re fused, they no longer move like they used to. This keeps you from stretching nearby nerves, ligaments, and muscles that may have caused discomfort.
August 25, 2020/by nmortho

Work-from-Home Ergonomics 101: Setting Up Your Remote Office to Help Reduce Pain & Injury

From Rachel Pelta at FlexJobs

Since many of us are working…
August 23, 2020/by nmortho

20 Tips For Working From Home

We found this great article on PCMag. by Jill Duffy and wanted…
August 20, 2020/by nmortho

What Causes Spinal Stenosis?

From WebMD
Cervical Spinal Stenosis
Spinal stenosis is a condition,…
August 18, 2020/by nmortho

Daily Stretching Routine for Seniors


Tight muscles, stiff joints, and aches and pains—aging…
August 12, 2020/by nmortho

All About Foot Pain- Causes and Treatments

Feet. They carry you from here to there every day. But you may not think much about them until they hurt. And when they do, you want relief. To get the right treatment, you need to know the problem. The first thing to consider is where your pain is located.
July 24, 2020/by nmortho

What Can an Orthopedic Surgeon Do for Back Pain?

Eighty percent of adults will suffer from lower back pain during their lifetime according to an epidemiology study published by the National Institutes of Health. Lower back pain is the second-most common cause of job-related disability and time off of work. Most chronic sufferers turn to medications, heating pads, and massage to relieve their aches, but when is the right time to see an orthopedic surgeon?
July 24, 2020/by nmortho

Ten Ways To Improve Your Recovery After Surgery

If you are having surgery, you may be interested in how you can heal faster, return to work faster, maybe even get back to the gym faster. Overall, recovering from surgery is a straightforward process of following the discharge instructions. For most surgery patients it is truly that simple. For others, healing quickly requires extra diligence and effort in caring for their incision,
July 21, 2020/by nmortho
help for chronic back pain

Orthopaedic Guide to Chronic Back Pain

Back pain is a common complaint among our patients. Learn to recognize the symptoms, and seek help from an orthopaedic specialist to diagnose and treat your condition.
July 18, 2020/by nmortho

Tips to Help You Stay Hydrated Throughout The Day

Your hydration levels can have a direct impact on your mood, your energy, and your stress levels. These tips will help you stay hydrated and focused, even on your busiest days.
July 15, 2020/by nmortho

Recreational areas reopen in Albuquerque

As outdoor lands and some recreational areas reopen in Albuquerque and New Mexico, state officials are reminding residents and visitors to be respectful of these places and continue to take precautions to stop the spread of COVID-19.
July 11, 2020/by nmortho

Bones Are Growing Faster, Affecting Orthopedics

Scientists say children's skeletons are maturing sooner than they did early in the 20th century, and this could affect the timing of certain orthopedic treatments.

Girls are reaching full skeletal maturity nearly 10 months earlier and boys nearly seven months earlier, according to the University of Missouri School of Medicine researchers.
July 11, 2020/by nmortho

3 Trends That Are Disrupting the Total Knee Replacement Market in 2020

In recent years MD+DI has reported on a number of ways emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), surgical robotics, and 3D-printing are impacting a number of different sectors in medtech. In 2020, we expect these technologies to become even more relevant in the industry, particularly in orthopaedics.
July 6, 2020/by nmortho

12 Tips for Walking When You Have Sensitive Knees

Sensitive knees can be a challenge for walking, but it is a recommended way to maintain your function and reduce your symptoms. If you have knee pain due to osteoarthritis or other causes, you don't have to let that keep you from starting a walking program.
July 3, 2020/by nmortho

4th of July Safety Tips from New Mexico Orthopaedics

(Adapted from the American Red Cross and CNBC)

July 1, 2020/by nmortho
Everything You Should Know About Repetitive Strain Injury

Everything You Should Know About Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)

A repetitive strain injury is a gradual buildup of damage to muscles, tendons, and nerves from repetitive motions. Learn more about these preventable injuries.
June 24, 2020/by nmortho
Most Common Hand and Wrist Injuries

Most Common Hand and Wrist Injuries

While hand and wrist injuries are very common, some athletes never seek treatment. Here is a list of some of the most common injuries athletes experience.
June 19, 2020/by nmortho
What you need to know about sudden knee pain

What you need to know about sudden knee pain

This article describes common causes of sudden knee pain and the symptoms that tend to accompany it. We also look into the options for diagnosis, treatment, and prevention.
June 16, 2020/by nmortho
Why you still need to wear a face mask (and how to wear it properly)

Why you still need to wear a face mask (and how to wear it properly)

As some aspects of life begin to return to normal — or at least a new normal — it may be tempting to ease up on precautions and preventive steps. But remember that COVID-19 safety measures, including wearing a face mask, are still as important as ever. 
June 13, 2020/by nmortho
Here's why your weight matters when addressing hip and knee pain

Here’s why your weight matters when addressing hip and knee pain

Losing even a small amount of weight can make a big difference when it comes to joint pain and inflammation. Learn more about the correlation between weight and joint pain in this article.
June 9, 2020/by nmortho
Frequently Asked Questions about Knee Pain

Frequently Asked Questions about Knee Pain

Your knee hurts and you want to know why. Whether it's an injury or arthritis, here are answers from an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in sports medicine and knee care.
June 5, 2020/by nmortho
Chronic Pain, Osteoporosis, and Bone Density Testing

Chronic Pain, Osteoporosis, and Bone Density Testing

Bone density testing in chronic pain patients can diagnose osteoporosis and identify those at high risk for fracture so that appropriate therapy can be initiated to reduce future fracture risk.
June 2, 2020/by nmortho
Muscle Dysfunction in Head and Neck: Pain Causes, Osteopathic Options

Muscle Dysfunction in Head and Neck: Pain Causes, Osteopathic Options

OMT can play a pivotal role in mitigating degenerative changes in the posterior neck, treat acute and chronic head and neck pain, and combat modern ills, such as text-neck syndrome.
May 29, 2020/by nmortho
Roots of Post-Surgical Knee Nerve Damage Uncovered

Roots of Post-Surgical Knee Nerve Damage Uncovered

For the first time using ultrasound imaging, researchers have identified microscopic nerves that can affect your pain levels after surgery.
May 27, 2020/by nmortho

Knee Osteoarthritis: Overview

Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis, and approximately 10 million people in America have osteoarthritis in the knees.
May 23, 2020/by nmortho

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Overview

This common condition is caused by pressure on the nerve that runs through the wrist, causing pain and weakness in the hand and wrist.
May 20, 2020/by nmortho
Understanding Low Back Pain

Understanding Low Back Pain

Read about the causes of low back pain, when to see a doctor, and how you can prevent this common condition.
May 15, 2020/by nmortho
Caring for Someone Sick at Home

Caring for Someone Sick at Home

If you are caring for someone with COVID-19 at home or in a non-healthcare setting, follow this advice to protect yourself and others.
May 14, 2020/by nmortho
Is It Allergies or COVID-19? An Expert Helps You Tell the Difference

Is It Allergies or COVID-19? An Expert Helps You Tell the Difference

By Robert Preidt | Article Featured on WebMD

With allergy…
May 8, 2020/by nmortho
New Mexico: State extends modified stay-home order

New Mexico: State extends modified stay-home order

New Mexico state leadership on Thursday announced the extension of the state’s emergency public health order through May 15 as the COVID-19 pandemic remains a grave risk to residents of all ages and in all communities across New Mexico.
May 6, 2020/by nmortho
In a CT scan of a COVID-19 patient's lungs, white patches of "ground glass opacity" indicate fluid filling the lungs.

More than 727,000 people have recovered from COVID-19. Here’s what we know about coronavirus survivors.

While uncertainties remain, here's everything we know about the people who have recovered from COVID-19.
May 1, 2020/by nmortho
Common Questions and Answers About COVID-19 for Older Adults and People with Chronic Health Conditions

Common Questions and Answers About COVID-19 for Older Adults and People with Chronic Health Conditions

The National Foundation for Infectious Diseases and the Alliance for Aging Research developed this resource on COVID-19 for older adults and people with underlying health conditions.
April 30, 2020/by nmortho
Protecting Yourself While Running Essential Errands

Protecting Yourself While Running Essential Errands

Article Featured on

As communities across the…
April 24, 2020/by nmortho

Coronavirus and Older Adults: Your Questions Answered

A CDC official explains why more risk comes with age from COVID-19.
April 22, 2020/by nmortho

How to Protect Yourself From COVID If You Have Animals

CDC has not received any reports of pets becoming sick with COVID-19 in the United States. To date, there is no evidence that pets can spread the virus to people.
April 18, 2020/by nmortho
Coronavirus and COVID-19: Caregiving for the Elderly

Coronavirus and COVID-19: Caregiving for the Elderly

If you’re caring for an older loved one, you might be worried. Here's what you need to know to keep elderly people safer, and what to do if they do become infected with COVID-19.
April 15, 2020/by nmortho
Why older and chronically ill Americans are at greatest risk from coronavirus

Why are older and chronically ill Americans at greater risk from coronavirus?

People over the age of 80 with one of these chronic diseases are at the highest risk and should take precautionary steps, such as avoiding crowds and nonessential travel, officials advised.
April 9, 2020/by nmortho
Severe Outcomes Among Patients with Coronavirus Disease 2019

Severe Outcomes Among Patients with Coronavirus Disease 2019

Since February 12, 4,226 COVID-19 cases were reported in the United States; 31% of cases, 45% of hospitalizations, 53% of ICU admissions, and 80% of deaths occurred among adults aged ≥65 years with the highest percentage of severe outcomes among persons aged ≥85 years.
April 7, 2020/by nmortho

Recommendation Regarding the Use of Cloth Face Coverings

Learn how to make your own cloth face covering in this article from the CDC.
April 4, 2020/by nmortho

Older Adults & COVID-19

Older adults, 65 years and older, are at higher risk for severe illness. COVID-19 is a new disease and we are learning more about it every day.
April 1, 2020/by nmortho
Caring for Yourself at Home if You Think You Have COVID-19

Caring for Yourself at Home if You Think You Have COVID-19

10 things you can do to manage your health at home if you have possible symptoms of COVID-19 or a confirmed diagnosis.
March 27, 2020/by nmortho
Manage Anxiety & Stress During the COVID-19 Crisis

Manage Anxiety & Stress During the COVID-19 Crisis

The outbreak of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) may be stressful for people. Fear and anxiety about a disease can be overwhelming and cause strong emotions in adults and children. Coping with stress will make you, the people you care about, and your community stronger.
March 24, 2020/by nmortho
How does COVID-19 Spread?

How does COVID-19 Spread?

There is much more to learn about the transmissibility, severity, and other features associated with COVID-19, and investigations are ongoing.
March 20, 2020/by nmortho
Coronavirus Disease-2019 (COVID-19) and Children

Coronavirus Disease-2019 (COVID-19) and Children

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding COVID-19 and children.
March 18, 2020/by nmortho

Coronavirus Impacting Blood Supply, Urgent Shortage: Donors Needed

America’s blood supply, already limited, has been dramatically…
March 17, 2020/by nmortho
ACL Tears: Not Just For Athletes

ACL Tears: Not Just For Athletes

With so many high-profile, professional athletes overcoming ACL tears, it’s becoming well-known that this is one of the most common sports-related injuries. However, what may be less understood is that ACL tears don’t just affect professional or competitive athletes.
March 13, 2020/by nmortho
Causes of foot pain all runners need to know

Causes of foot pain all runners need to know

Article Featured on OSMS

A total ankle replacement, also…
March 11, 2020/by nmortho
Tips for Preventing Foot and Ankle Injuries

Tips for Preventing Foot and Ankle Injuries

Foot and ankle injuries are common in sports, especially running, tennis and soccer. But sports enthusiasts can decrease the risk of injury by taking some precautions.
March 7, 2020/by nmortho
6 Types of Knee Exercises and Which Ones to Avoid

6 Types of Knee Exercises and Which Ones to Avoid

People can do many exercises to strengthen their knees, which can relieve pain and reduce the risk of injury. These exercises include leg lifts, hamstring curls, and wall squats. Learn more about how to strengthen the knee here.
March 4, 2020/by nmortho
5 Expert Tips for Preventing Winter Sports Accidents

5 Expert Tips for Preventing Winter Sports Accidents

Sprains, strains, dislocations, fractures and more traumatic injuries can happen to anyone. Here, Bosco and the AAOS offer suggestions on how to protect yourself.
February 27, 2020/by nmortho
Quick Exercises to Reduce Sciatic Pain

Quick Exercises to Reduce Sciatic Pain

The truth is that you won’t be doing yourself any favors by staying inactive for too long. To the contrary, sciatic pain may worsen with too much bedrest or time spent on the couch.
February 26, 2020/by nmortho
Surgery for Lower Back Pain

Surgery for Lower Back Pain

Surgery may be considered if for severe lower back pain that does not get better after a 6 to 12-week course of nonsurgical treatments.
February 21, 2020/by nmortho
Signs of Rheumatoid Arthritis Can Show Up Long Before Diagnosis

Signs of Rheumatoid Arthritis Can Show Up Long Before Diagnosis

Difficulties with daily activities such as dressing, walking and eating can be seen in rheumatoid arthritis patients a year or two before they're diagnosed, a new study shows.
February 18, 2020/by nmortho
A New Hip May Mean a Longer, Better Life

A New Hip May Mean a Longer, Better Life

A hip replacement may help seniors live longer -- for at least a decade anyway, a new study from Sweden suggests.
February 14, 2020/by nmortho
What to Expect After a Hip Replacement

What to Expect After a Hip Replacement

Recovering from hip replacement surgery? We're bringing you the answers to five common questions plus six tips for a speedy recovery.
February 7, 2020/by nmortho
Hip or knee replacement - after - what to ask your doctor

What to ask your doctor after hip or knee replacement

You had surgery to get a new hip or knee joint while you were in the hospital. Below are some questions you may want to ask your health care provider to help you take care of your new joint.
February 5, 2020/by nmortho
How to Use Crutches, Canes, and Walkers

How to Use Crutches, Canes, and Walkers

Using crutches, a cane, or a walker can help keep your weight off your injured or weak leg, assist with balance, and enable you to perform your daily activities more safely.
January 31, 2020/by nmortho
Patellar (Kneecap) Fractures

Patellar (Kneecap) Fractures

A patellar fracture is a break in the patella, or kneecap, the small bone that sits at the front of your knee.
January 29, 2020/by nmortho

Bowed Legs (Blount’s Disease)

In most cases, bowed legs will naturally begin to straighten as the child grows. If bowed legs have not resolved by the age of 3 years, there may be an underlying cause, such as Blount’s disease or rickets.
January 24, 2020/by nmortho
Bone Grafts in Spine Surgery

Bone Grafts in Spine Surgery

There are many bone graft options today. They are often combined together. The graft that is best for your problem will depend upon which section of your spine needs to be fused, your age, and your general health.
January 22, 2020/by nmortho

Bone, Joint, and Muscle Infections in Children

This article covers the most common types of deep infections in children and includes the ways doctors identify and treat them.
January 20, 2020/by nmortho
Shoulder Injuries in the Throwing Athlete

Shoulder Injuries in the Throwing Athlete

Article Featured on AAOS

Overhand throwing places extremely…
January 15, 2020/by nmortho
Frequently Asked Questions About Ganglion Cysts

Frequently Asked Questions About Ganglion Cysts

Ganglion cysts are noncancerous lumps that most commonly develop along the tendons or joints of your wrists or hands. Here are the most common questions about ganglion cysts.
January 11, 2020/by nmortho
What Are The Most Common Wrist Injuries?

What Are The Most Common Wrist Injuries?

Repetitive motions and everyday activities can easily lead to injuries of the wrist. It is important to understand the most common of these injuries so you know when it's time to consult a doctor.
January 9, 2020/by nmortho
What are the symptoms of knee ligament injuries

What are the symptoms of knee ligament injuries?

What are knee ligament injuries?
Knee ligaments are the short…
January 4, 2020/by nmortho
How to Tell if Your Foot is Broken: Symptoms & Treatment Options

How to Tell if Your Foot is Broken: Symptoms & Treatment Options

Learn how to tell if your foot is broken or just sprained or bruised, and the treatment options available.
December 31, 2019/by nmortho
When to Worry About Neck Pain … and when not to!

When to Worry About Neck Pain … and when not to!

Article by Paul Ingraham | Featured on Pain Science

We fear…
December 28, 2019/by nmortho

12 Tips for Holiday Eating

You don’t need to deprive yourself, eat only boring foods, or take your treats with a side order of guilt. Instead, by practicing a bit of defensive eating and cooking, you can come through the holidays without making “go on a diet” one of your New Year’s resolutions.
December 24, 2019/by nmortho
Do I Need Carpal Tunnel Surgery

Do I Need Carpal Tunnel Surgery?

If you have a severe case of carpal tunnel syndrome that hasn’t gone away with more basic treatments, surgery may be the best option. Find out when you’d need surgery, what’s it’s like, and how long it takes to recover.
December 21, 2019/by nmortho
Hip Pointers in Contact Sports

Hip Pointers in Contact Sports

The term “hip pointer” is often used as a catch all phrase for any injury resulting in pain to the front of the hip. However, this is not always the case.
December 17, 2019/by nmortho

What Is Cervicogenic Headache?

Cervicogenic headache (CGH) occurs when pain is referred from a specific source in the neck up to the head.
December 13, 2019/by nmortho

All About Sacroiliitis

Both sacroiliitis and sacroiliac joint dysfunction are a common cause of sacroiliac pain, low back pain and leg pain. However, there are differences between the two conditions.
December 11, 2019/by nmortho
De Quervain’s Tendinitis

De Quervain’s Tendinitis

De Quervain’s tendinitis is a condition brought on by the irritation or inflammation of the wrist tendons at the base of the thumb.
December 7, 2019/by nmortho
Neck Injuries Among Athletes Are Serious. Here's Why.

Neck Injuries Among Athletes Are Serious. Here’s Why.

When it comes to football-related head injuries, the headline-grabbers are usually about concussion. However protecting against neck injuries is also crucial.
December 4, 2019/by nmortho

Calculating the Correct Portion Sizes for Weight Loss

Understanding the right portion size for you is necessary for maintaining a healthy weight and a key ingredient to any successful weight-loss program.
November 27, 2019/by nmortho

Broken Ankle (Fracture) Facts

Get information about ankle fractures, or a broken ankle. Symptoms of a broken ankle include swelling, pain, bruising, bleeding, or deformation. A broken ankle should be evaluated by a health-care professional.
November 27, 2019/by nmortho

Benefits of Exercising With Osteoarthritis

Regular exercise can ease arthritis pain while strengthening joints and slowing progression of the common joint disease.
November 22, 2019/by nmortho
Rotator Cuff and Shoulder Conditioning Program

Rotator Cuff and Shoulder Conditioning Program

After an injury or surgery, an exercise conditioning program will help you return to daily activities and enjoy a more active, healthy lifestyle.
November 19, 2019/by nmortho
Dr. Ernesto Otero-Lopez and Team Celebrate 100th Robotic Surgery in SW United States

Dr. Ernesto Otero-Lopez and Team Celebrate 100th Robotic Surgery in SW United States

Dr. Ernesto Otero-Lopez and his skilled surgical team became the first in the Southwestern US to complete 100 surgeries utilizing the ExcelsiusGPS®.
November 19, 2019/by nmortho

Adult Acquired Flatfoot

A variety of foot problems can lead to adult acquired flatfoot deformity (AAFD), a condition that results in a fallen arch with the foot pointed outward. This article provides a brief overview of the problems that can result in AAFD. 
November 16, 2019/by nmortho
5 Common Causes of Hip Pain in Women

5 Common Causes of Hip Pain in Women

Hip pain in women can result from wear and tear, overuse, and a few other causes. Here are the most common culprits.
November 12, 2019/by nmortho
Biceps Tendon Tear at the Shoulder

Biceps Tendon Tear at the Shoulder

Your biceps tendons attach the biceps muscle to bones in your shoulder and in your elbow. If you tear your biceps tendon at the shoulder, you may lose some strength in your arm and have pain when you forcefully turn your arm from palm down to palm up.
November 8, 2019/by nmortho
8 Ways to Prevent Knee Problems Before They Begin

8 Ways to Prevent Knee Problems Before They Begin

Protect your knees now, and they’ll keep you stepping strong for years to come. Here are some tips to help you keep your knees in tip-top shape.
November 5, 2019/by nmortho
3 Lifestyle Choices for Healthier Knees

3 Lifestyle Choices for Healthier Knees

The knee is one of the largest, most complex joints in the human body and the most common joint injured. Here are 3 tips for maintaining healthy knees.
November 1, 2019/by nmortho
Causes and treatments for pain in the arch of the foot

Causes and treatments for pain in the arch of the foot

There are many potential causes of pain in the arch of the foot. Keep reading for more information on these causes, as well as the possible treatments.
October 30, 2019/by nmortho

Kyphosis (Roundback) of the Spine

Kyphosis is a spinal disorder in which an excessive outward curve of the spine results in an abnormal rounding of the upper back. The condition is sometimes known as roundback or—in the case of a severe curve—as hunchback. Kyphosis can occur at any age, but is common during adolescence.
October 26, 2019/by nmortho
Getting the Most Out of Your Doctor's Visit

Getting the Most Out of Your Doctor’s Visit

Your visit with an orthopaedic surgeon is an important meeting that can be most effective if you plan ahead. The following checklist will help you become more active in your healthcare and get the most out of each office visit.
October 22, 2019/by nmortho
Adult Forearm Fractures

Adult Forearm Fractures

Your forearm is made up of two bones, the radius and ulna. In most cases of adult forearm fractures, both bones are broken.
October 19, 2019/by nmortho
Combined Knee Ligament Injuries

Combined Knee Ligament Injuries

In the past, injuring more than one knee ligament would put an end to future sports activities. Today, many athletes are able to return to high level sports following multiple ligament injuries.
October 16, 2019/by nmortho